What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

If you doing SEO, You should know this what is SEM.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

Welcome to Emutech2000. What is search engine marketing also referred to as SEM. So search engine marketing is strictly paid ads on search engine results pages also referred to as the SERPs. And you’ll see note search engine optimization SEO is not the same as SEM. So search engine marketing involves you paying for advertisement, paying for placement on SERP. Where a search engine optimization you’re looking for organic traffic when it comes to SEO, when it comes to SEM. You’re paying for that traffic so anytime you’re targeting keywords in a search engine and your ad shows up that search engine marketing. Any ad that you see show up on GOOGLE, BING other search engines. That SEM not search engine advertisement or SEO. Because these are actual advertisements that are showing up on the search engine results pages.

Ads Platforms

So Google Adwords, Bing ads are the two huge ones Pinterest ads is one. So when you consider someone going to Pinterest you can target keywords as an advertiser. It’s really just a big search engine it’s just returning pictures and visual images rather than words and results. So definitely Pinterest ads would be a search engine marketing place. So Yahoo doesn’t have the greatest advertising platform. But they’re Gemini platform is their SEM channel. We don’t really use it. Because I’ve never been able to get great results from it another.

SEM is a paid service

So search engine marketing paid ads on search engine results pages. Not to be confused with SEO. If someone tells you this there are the same things. You can refer this them to this post. Because they’re not the same thing search engine marketing involves you paying for placement in search engines. Because people are looking at certain strategies every day it’s basically a huge area without inventories. So hopefully that clears things up for you. If you have any questions leave in the comments thanks for read our post.

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